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Water Leak Detection And Seal

If you live in an older home and happen to have some small leaks, you may not think they are a big deal. But these insignificant drops may add up to buckets of water lost with time. Losing this amount of water can drill a hole in your wallet, so to speak. If you have this problem, call Harwin Plumbing Service. Our plumbers have just the right solution for this issue that can save you a lot of money. If you have a high water bill and think you may be losing water, but aren’t sure where, our leak detection tools and techniques can quickly find your leaking pipes and seal them quickly.

leaking water heater

Leaking Water Heater Repair

Is your water heater leaking? Have you found a pool of water in the pan or somewhere close by? Do you see the leak in the cold or hot water pipes? Regardless of the nature or cause of your leak, we know exactly how to repair it. Skills and tools are just some of our qualities. Others are extensive experience and in repairing or installing water heaters.

leaking pipes

Stop Leaking Pipes - Emergency Service

In order to stop leak, you need the services of a specialized plumber who knows and works to help homeowners with their leaking pipes whether in the faucets, shower or heater. We are such plumbers and we have the solution that you seek. Our services are also available any time since we have a 24-hour emergency service that can come quickly to assist you if you have an urgent need.

leaking shower

Fix Leaking Shower

We can help you fix a leak so that you can stop your money drain. Small drips can amount to a lot of water lost in time, which is not good for your pocketbook. If you have a leaking shower, let us help you repair it so that you can save money as well as get a strong water flow in order to enjoy your showering experience. In addition to losing water, a leaking shower weakens the water pressure. We have the right leak repair techniques that you will help you reduce the amount of water wasted in your home.